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Romance in Ellis Library: A Reader's Guide: Paranormal and Inspirational

Paranormal Romance Authors

Paranormal romances are those that contain anything supernatural or that cannot be explained naturally.  Here are some authors that write in this style, but may also have written in other genres.

Paranormal searches in the Library Catalog

In order to find paranormal romances it is good to think of what type type of paranormal you are into.  Below are a couple of searches to help you locate some different types and perhaps inspire you to think of other searches.

Paranormal Books

Inspirational Romance Authors

Inspirational romances where spiritual or religious beliefs play a major role in the story.  Below are some authors that tend to write inspirational romances, though they might also write in other genres.

Inspirational searches in the Library Catalog

Inspirational romances often fall under heading christian.  Try the search below to find some christian romances.

Inspirational Books