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Chemical Week (U.S. & Europe)

To find the weekly Chemical Price Reports,access the journal and select search within this publication. In the FIND box, add the phrase and TI "chemical price report" to the journal title. The text in the FIND box should look like this:

  • JN "Chemical Week " and TI "price report"  -  

Select Price Reports:

Locate Retail Chemical Prices: Use SciFinder Scholar

Historical Chemical Price Reports

At ICIS Indicative Chemical Prices, you can view the last of the broad Chemical Market Reporter lists, taken from the 28 August 2006 issue.

Chemical Market Reporter(up till 2005)

  • The Chemical Market Reporter maintained an extensive weekly listing of chemical prices through March 2005, when it was replaced by ICIS Chemical Business Americas.
  • To find the weekly Chemical Market Reporter chemical prices, access the journal and select "Search Within this Publication", located in the upper right corner.

In the FIND box, add the phrase "and chemical prices" to the journal title:

JN "Chemical Market Reporter" and "chemical prices"

Select the articles titled "Prices & People"

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

  • Includes some historical economic data, including prices, consumption and capacity.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (VCH, 1985)

  • ENGR Reference: TP9 .U57 1985 (Note: The 2003 edition is available in the Ellis Library reference section.)
  • Provides some historical economic data, such as capacity and consumption.test

Major Commodity Metals