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Chemical Prices & Suppliers: ICIS: Chemical Industry
News & Intelligence

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ICIS: Chemical Industry News & Intelligence

  • ICIS Chemical Business Americas(Asia, US and Europe; formerly Chemical Market Reporter).
    • To find the monthly "Markets Trends & Data" section, which include brief analysis and a listing of bulk chemical prices for a limited list of chemicals, please use the following search strategy.
  • ICIS Chemical Business(Asia & Europe)
    • Offers a weekly snapshot of the commodity petrochemicals markets, spot bulk chemical prices and contract bulk chemical prices in Asia and Europe. .
      • To find the charts, access the journal and select search within this publication located in the upper right corner. In the FIND box, add the phrase and "data bank" to the journal title. The text in the FIND box should look like this:
        JN "ICIS Chemical Business" and "data bank"

  • ICIS Chemical Price Reports(US, Asia and Europe)
    • ICIS pricing reports offer pricing data, trends and market commentary on olefins, aromatics, plastics, solvents and intermediates. Most reports are issued weekly and you must subscribe (for a fee) to receive current information. However, free sample reports that are about seven months old are available for the 83 substances covered.
    • Indicative Chemical Prices A-Z (2006)
    • ICIS Chem Profiles (UT-Austin)