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DML Documentation

Documentation for the Digital Media Lab in Ellis Library


Adobe Animate Logo  Adobe Animate

Animation software

Suggested Use: This tool can be used to design vector graphics and animation for online videos, websites, web applications, and more.

Tips: Part of the Adobe Suites, available through the DoIT Software Center.



Online tool to create animated videos and presentations

Suggested Use: Can use to create an entire presentation or to make a short video tutorial.

TipsAdd voice over to create a video to embed in a presentation or course. Or, create a video without voice over and give it as a live presentation. Free accounts are limited to 5 minute videos which can only be exported as a PDF or PowerPoint so handouts are available.



Online tool to create animated videos and presentations

Suggested Use: Can use to create attractive and engaging online lessons, professional presentations, and animated videos promoting an idea or service.

Tips: Feel free to upload your own content, including sound, images, and video. Styles and templates are available for your use. Free accounts are limited to 10 minute videos which can be exported to YouTube/Facebook with the moovly watermark.



Online video making tool

Suggested Use: Can be used at home or on a mobile device.

Tips: Costs $5/ month for personal use.


3D Animation Software

Suggested Use: Available in the Digital Media Lab.  You can use it with the 3D Scanner, or create your own 3D models and animations