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Nutrition & exercise physiology--guide for graduate students and faculty

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What is PubMed?

  • A component of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) which provides access to biomedical & genomic informationCreated & maintained by the US National Library of Medicine
  • Includes content of Medline--index for 5,600 biomedical journals
  • Data coverage: 1946-present
  • Additional content
    • "Ahead of Print" citations
    • Journal articles/manuscripts deposited in PubMed Central (repository for full-text of 3,500 journals)
  • Free access to search interface and selected articles

How to see FindIt@MU links in PubMed

         1.  Use the link for Pubmed on the MU Libraries website

         2.  Create and customize MyNCBI Account in Pubmed. (requires logging into MyNCBI account every time you search PubMed)

What are review articles?

Review articles summarize the current state of the research on a particular topic.  They are usually written by experts in the field.

Review articles normally include the following information about the topic:

  • the main researchers
  • key articles
  • recent advances and discoveries
  • significant gaps in the research
  • current debates
  • ideas of where research might go next

How to find review articles in PubMed

What are systematic review articles?

A systematic review article sums up the best available research on a specific question by synthesizing the results of several studies.
Systematic reviews attempt to:

  • Identify all relevant published and unpublished studies
  • Select studies for inclusion
  • Assess the quality of each study
  • Synthesize the findings from the studies in an unbiased way
  • Interpret the findings and present a balanced summary

How to find systematic reviews in PubMed

What is meta-analysis?

A "meta-analysis" uses statistical methods to examine the data derived from a systematic-review

Every meta-analysis should be based on an underlying systematic review, but not every systematic review leads to a meta-analysis.

How to find Meta-Analysis articles in PubMed

Follow the directions above for finding systematic review articles.  In step 3 select the option meta-anlaysis instead of systematic review.