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HIST 2400 - Missouri Suffragists Project

City Directories for Missouri

Organization of the 1910 St. Louis City Directory:

  1. Index to advertisements
  2. Index to business headings (e.g., Clock Manufacturers)
  3. Additions, alterations and corrections too late for regular classification
  4. Street and Avenue Directory of St. Louis
  5. City Government for the years 1909-1913 (elected officials, courts, commissions, offices of federal government, "boards of trade", e.g., Master Butchers' Association, "asylums, convents etc.," with name of matron sometimes given, hospitals, dispensaries, cemeteries, churches by denomination, societies (starting p.105, e.g. Assembly of the Rebrkah Lodges, with officers), "Colored Societies," Apartments, Public Buildings, Public Halls, Public Parks,
  6. City Directory: List of names interspersed with business names; names usually have professions (e.g., Hecker, Atlanta E teacher St. Louis Industrial School r 3415 Osage; widows may be listed as "Adam Helen wid Anton M r 3942 Florissant av" - the "r" indicates a residential, rather than a business, address)
  7. "Bank Department"- names , officers, directors, and statements of the banks, trust companies, and safe deposit companies in St. Louis for the year
  8. Gould's Business Directory (listed by category of business, much like a modern Yellow Pages directory, but without phone numbers)

Here you can look people up by surname, and get their business and home address.

Many other city directories are available at the State Historical Society of Missouri (Ellis Library Building, enter on Hitt St.), as are papers of many organizations.