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HIST 2400 - Missouri Suffragists Project

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Online Access database trial (ends October 15) 

Finding Little-Reseached Women From 100 Years Ago

  • Be aware of turn-of-the-century naming conventions for women, especially married women, who could be known by their husbands' first and last names.
  • Sometimes the woman's organization(s) may be a good point of contact.
  • Consider getting a borrower card at Columbia Public Library by applying online or bringing a photo ID (MU student ID qualifies) to the library in person. This gives you access to from the library building, and to Newsbank online.
  • Many databases use common search conventions, like setting off phrases in quotation marks, or using * (asterisk) after the first few letters of a word to search for all words that start with that string of letters, or using OR to separate synonyms.