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Entrepreneurship: Patents & Trademarks


Need help understanding the patent process?  Click here to find some answers at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

US Patent & Trademark Office Fulltext Patents Database
The Full-Text Database now offers all US patents issued since 1790, in the form of searchable patent numbers and current US classifications hyperlinked to full-page images of each page of each patent. Searchable in five-year blocks back to 1976, and in one additional block covering the years1790-1975.

Search over 50 million patents from 71 countries, dating back as far as the 1800s. Includes the European Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization as well as individual countries.

TESS Trademark Electronic Search System
Lists over 3 million pending, registered and dead federal trademarks from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

WIPO World Intelllectual Property Organization PCT Patents Database
Part of the WIPO Intellectual Property Digital Library. Search and retrieve fulltext for WIPO PCT patent applications published as PCT pamphlets since January 1997, and where applicable, republished since April 1998. Bibliographic data, abstracts, drawings and images of PCT pamphlets are provided for all published and republished international applications in the collection. To search the entire collection rather than only the current week, be sure and select ALL weeks To retrieve a patent by number, search the PUBLICATION NUMBER (e.g. WO 2004/019554). search only the number with punctuation and spaces removed (e.g.2004019954).

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