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Coulter Translational Partnership Program: Patents

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Searching for Patents

Core Resources

The Lens
Full-text of 7 million patent documents from US, Europe, Australia, WIPO, and counterparts in up to 60 countries.

U.S. Patents and Patent Applications -- Full-Text Images  (1790 to date)   
-Free AlternaTIFF Viewer for Images

Google Advanced Patent Search

European Patent Office --
Dates of coverage vary by country

Free Patents Online
Download patents from the U.S. and the World Intellectual Property  Organization (WIPO)in pdf or TIFF formats.

Patents and Other Links (from the British Library)
Gateway to a wealth of patent information on the web, concentrating on world-wide sources compiled by the British Lending Library -- databases, tutorials, associations, publications, manuals, document suppliers and many others!