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HIST 3550: Science and Medicine in Ancient and Medieval Europe: Secondary Sources: Books

Searching For Books: Three Very Different Approaches

Approach 1: Search for books ABOUT a person or other subject, or search for a known book. Search Discover@MU, with the UM Books filter on, to look through titles, subject headings, some tables of contents. 

Approach 2: To find books that MENTION a particular work, person, technology, named idea, etc., use full-text searches. Search HathiTrust and use the Find In a Library function.

Approach 3: Browse lists of books on the topic of ancient science/medicine, and find books that look useful to you. Then investigate them further - see if we own them, and see if you can view or search some of their text. If you think the library should buy a copy (especially if there are no other copies in the system), use the Purchase Recommendation Form.

Library Catalogs

To search for books on a topic, go straight to a library catalog such as MOBIUS (for all Missouri academic libraries) or Worldcat (for most U.S. and some non-U.S. libraries). Alternately, use Discover@MU, filtered to UM Books.