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Library Resources for Special Education Students

Link to the Library Gateway:

Self Pre-test: Using the Library: (10 questions)


1.   Search the Merlin Catalog for the call number: HV1624.S84 W34 2012. (

2.   Look at the "Locations" tab in your search result on the Merlin Catalog.

3.   Consider who the author is, and how the work is currently used.

4.   You are on your own on this one. Try searching the web...?

5.   Consider who is most likely to use the journal and for what purpose.

6.   How do you log-on to most campus resources?

7.   Try to figure out what the database names stand for and how it might reveal its affiliation to a particular subject area. (See

8.   You are on your own on this one.

9.   See the "Request Books & Articles"  tab on this linked page

10.  See the "Workshop Recordings" tab on the Recordings and Tutorials page. (