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Art Education

Art Education resources.

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MERLIN CATALOG: Use the Library Catalog to find books on various topics.

A number of search options exist including:

Keyword Search: Type keywords that describe your topic in the search box. Use quotation marks to search for phrases.

EXAMPLE: "art education"

Subject Search: Use the Subject Search to search for names, events, etc.

EXAMPLE: art study and teaching united states

Biographical Search: In a keyword search enter a person's name and the word biography.

EXAMPLE: Robert Mapplethorpe biography

Author Search: In an author search enter the author's name.

EXAMPLE: Efland, Arthur

Title Search: In a title search enter the name of a book.

EXAMPLE: Student Behavior in Art Classrooms

Finding Reference Works

Keyword Search:

EXAMPLE: "art encyclopedia"; "art dictionary"; "art handbook"; "art manual"; "art gazetteer"; "art bibliography"; "art yearbook"; "art almanac"; "art directory"; "art index"

LC Classification

L   Education (General)

LA History of Education

LB Theory and practice of education

LC Special aspects of education

LD Individual Institutions - United States

LE Individual Institutions - America (except United States)

LF Individual Institutions - Europe

LG Individual Institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

LH College and school magazines and papers

LJ Student fraternities, United States

LT Textbooks


N Fine Arts

NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, Design, Illustration
ND Painting
NE Print media
NK Decorative arts
NX Arts in general


TR Photography


TT Handicrafts

the Library Catalog

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Google Books

Why use Google Books?

Google Books searches the full-text of books.  It is great for narrow topics because it lets you search within the text of books--you can see the table of contents, index or a portion of the contents of the book.  You can then locate the book in a nearby library.

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