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Career and Job Search Resources: Finding Jobs

Your guide to information on choosing a career, applying for jobs, interviewing, and much more.

MU Campus Career Resources

General Careers/Jobs  Icon

University of Missouri Career Center

Hire Mizzou Tigers

University of Missouri Student Success Center

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Business Career Center (MU School of Business)

Career Services for College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Careers in Biological Sciences (MU Division of Biological Sciences)

Careers in Educational Technology (MU School of Education)

Careers in Engineering (MU Engineering Library)

Careers in Environmental Studies (MU Environmental Studies)

Careers in Health Care (UM Health System)

Careers in Sociology (MU Department of Sociology)

Journalism Career Center (MU J-School)

MU School of Law Career Development (MU Law School)

Career Exploration Through Writing (MU Libraries, for English Department)


Position Listings

Local and Regional Jobs

Missouri Job Network

Missouri Jobs - Broken down by county

SnagaJob - Find job openings by zip code

New York Times: Job Market

Job Application Guide - Assistance for students just finishing college to find jobs by area and by type.

National Jobs

LinkedIn Job Search

Monster Jobs - Database of over 800,000 job listings, employer profiles, a resume builder, relocation information, and career advice

American Job Center - provides a single access point for federal programs and local resources to help people find a job, identify training programs, and tap into resources to gain skills in growing industries.

True Careers - Job searching for professionals with a degree

NationJob - Promotes jobs in selected industries

Career Builder - One of the largest job boards - Search job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages

Employment Guide

Simply Hired


Government Jobs

JobsMoGov - Careers in Missouri with the best outlook between 2010—2020.

USA Jobs - The federal government's official job list.

Feds Hire Vets - Federal veteran employment information.

Telecommute, Freelance, & Contract Jobs

Subject Guide

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Tips for Recent Grads

Job Hunting Articles for College Students: Education Portal

Wise Wanderings: You Majored in What?  - Make sure to check out the pages dedicated to college students, grad students, and job search advice.