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Psychology 4975: Social/Personality Capstone: Home

Course Description and Objectives

Course Description

This course is a capstone experience, intended to give students the opportunity to draw together the knowledge and skills learned throughout their undergraduate career. Using the relevant and thought‐provoking fields of social and personality psychology as inspiration, students will work in small groups to conduct a full research study, from experimental design to final written product.  While students learn firsthand about designing, conducting, and reporting on an experiment, lectures will highlight the methods, tools, and concepts used in experimental social psychology. The emphasis of this course is on: 1) enhancing the critical thinking skills used in all stages of psychological research; 2) using writing as a tool for knowledge building and consolidation; and 3) developing the capabilities of students to work successfully in groups.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should:

1. Have an advanced understanding of the research and methods used in social psychology.

2. Have the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct experimental research in social psychology and related fields.

3. Have developed writing, reviewing, and editing abilities to a substantial degree.

4. Have a growing understanding of the social dynamics and processes that can impact work groups, and be better prepared to work with team members.

--Julianne Ludlam, Ph.D.

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