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English Literature: Modern and Contemporary: Find Poetry

Finding Books in the MU Libraries.

Looking for a specific book? Use the Book Finder to quickly search MERLIN, MOBIUS and beyond.

Use the Location Guide to find which call numbers are on which floor.

Or map the location of your call number.

More help finding books.


Poetry Online

LION: Literature Online contains a wealth of poetry.
Browse all poetry or search by keyword, author, etc.
To find poems published in journals, search Criticism and tick the box for Literary works.
Watch videos of poets reading their works.


Finding Poems or Poetry Collections in Print

The Library Catalog lists many collections of poetry. Search by table of contents to see if a specific poem is listed, but note that MERLIN doesn't provide the table of contents for all books.

The Poetry Indexes in the box below can also help as they list poems and show where to find them.

To browse contemporary poems, do a Subject Search in the Library Catalog. Suggested Subject Headings:

  • Poetry 20th Century
  • Poetry 21st Century

Poetry Indexes

The MERLIN catalog sometimes lists poems published in recent books, but not always. Use these print indexes to find poetry by author, title, first line, or by topic and discover in which books or journals they've been published. Then look for the book or journal by title.

  • Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry in Anthologies (Ref. PN1022 .F73 1997)
  • Granger's Index to Poetry (Ref. PN1022.H39, PN1022.G7)
  • Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry in Collected and Selected Works (Ref. PN4784.W7 F58 1997)
    The main bibliography of poetry in English from all periods.  Indexes collections.  Check all editions for complete coverage.
  • Last lines : an index to the last lines of poetry (Ref. PN1022 .K55 1991)
  • Poetry Index Annual: A Title, Author, and Subject Index to Poetry in Anthologies. (Ref. PN1022.P63)
    1989-1992  Reputedly more inclusive than Granger's
  • Chicorel Index to Poetry in Anthologies and Collections in Print (Ref. PN1022.C5 and Ref. PN1022. C54)
  • American Poetry Index: An Author and Title Index  to Poetry by Americans in Single-Author Collections (Ref. PS323.5.A43)
  • Roth's American Poetry Annual (Ref. PS580 .R68)
  • Index of American Periodical Verse (Ref. Z1231.P7 I47)
    1971-1978  Indexes poems published in about 200 little magazines.
  • Chicorel Index to Poetry in Collections in Print, on Discs and Tapes  (Ref. Z7155 .C48)
  • International Index to Recorded Poetry  (PN1022 .H63 1983)
  • Women's Poetry Index (Ref. PN1024 .G89 1985)
  • Index to Poetry by Black American Women  (Z1229.N39 C45 1986)
  • Index to Black Poetry (Ref. PS153.N5 C45)
  • Columbia Granger's Index to African-American Poetry (Ref. PS153.N5 C628 1999)
  • Hoffman's Index to poetry : European and Latin American Poetry in Anthologies  (Ref. PN1022 .H627 1985)

Print Collections of Poetry