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Special Education: Find Books

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Traditional Library Catalogs

Traditional library catalogs allow you to look up books by title, author, subject, or combinations of these things.  They links books on similar subject together and provide information about the physical location of the book in a library (library location and call number), availability, and/or links to any online version of the book that the library is making available.

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Already know what book you want?  The MU Libraries Book Finder will automatically search first for available copies of it on campus, then within UM libraries, then within the state of Missouri.

Use the MERLIN catalog to find MU Libraries-owned books by author, title, subject, etc. 

Use the MOBIUS catalog to find and order books in other Missouri libraries. Within the MOBIUS interface, you can use the Prospector catalog to find and order books from Colorado libraries, which have good holdings in history. To enter the Prospector catalog, click the Prospector catalog button button found on your MOBIUS search screen.

Use Worldcat to find books beyond what's available in Missouri.