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Social Problems: Find Articles

English 1000

Quick Search Tip: Truncation

Most databases allow you to use truncation (*), which allows you to search a word stem and all of its various endings.

For example, countr* would search for all results containing the words country or countries. Tour* would retrieve tour, tours, tourism, tourist, etc.


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Additional Ways to Find Journal Articles

Boolean Or Combined Searching

Your searches will work best in most databases if you break your topic apart and then combine the concepts with AND/OR.  This is called Boolean logic and is named after a mathematician

AND  - narrows your searches
   Ex.  Obesity AND Sugared drinks


OR - broadens your searches
    Ex. sugared drinks OR sweetened beverages OR soft drink*

 Most databases will have pull down boxes where you can select AND or OR.

You can also use these together by using parenthesis.
     (obesity OR overweight) AND (sugared drinks OR sweetened beverage* OR soft drink* OR juice OR sports drinks)

The above in pictures 
   OR - gets all the info from both circles

venn diagram with both circles shaded

AND - gets only the info where the circles overlap
Venn diagram with overlapping section shaded

Find Full-Text of an Article

If you don't see a link to the PDF of an article, click on the Find It @MU icon  FindIt@MU to find full-text.  Check out our FindIt@MU guide for detailed instructions.