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History 4972: Research Seminar in the Life & Thought of C.S. Lewis: Online Book Search & Biographies

Google Books Tricks

  • Use the lone asterisk to create fill-in-the-blank searches, such as "Lewis * progress" or "Lewis * pacifism"
  • Search for C.S. Lewis in the AUTHOR field; add other words, phrases or partial phrases in text fields.  Ex. C.S. Lewis in AUTHOR, I * read in PHRASE
  • Search for one word/idea in the TITLE field, another in text.  Ex. empire in title, C.S. Lewis as phrase in text
  • Use publication date limits to find books published during a certain time span.  Ex. Darwin in text, Caucasian race in phrase, publication dates between 1900 and 1940
  • Look for the Find In Library link when you find a good book.  Some books let you see more online than others.

Google Books: Advanced Search

Google Books: Getting Full Text

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