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University Libraries Undergraduate Research Contest: Rules

Rules for the MU Libraries Undergraduate Research Contest

The project must:

  1. be created by an individual or group of undergraduate MU students enrolled for Spring semester 2024;
  2. be an original research project completed for an MU course;
  3. be created within the 2023 calendar year;
  4. include a bibliography or works cited list;
  5. be distributable to contest judges electronically (e.g., Word document, PowerPoint, PDF file with images, or live web page/site with URL).

Only one entry is allowed per person or group per year.

Research Process Statement:

A one to two page research process statement explaining how the library resources and services helped in the research process.

University Libraries Resource Requirements:

  1. Most of the resources and services used to research the project must be from the University Libraries or be obtained through the University Libraries. Research services may include interlibrary loan services, reference assistance, etc.
  2. Resources used may include, but are not limited to, primary resources from Special Collections, newspaper or journal articles, audiovisual materials, government documents, books, statistical resources from data archives, documents from MOspace, University Archives, etc.


The decision of the review panel is final.


Please refer to the scoring rubric below for further information.