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Free and Low Cost Legal Research: Secondary Sources

Fastcase, Casemaker, Pacer, Casenet, Free Internet Resources. Federal and Missouri materials.

Missouri Resources

Google Scholar Advanced Search

Google Scholar Advanced Search
Scroll down to choose the option for searching legal opinions and journals.

Google Scholar also supports most of the advanced operators in Google web search:

  • the "+" operator makes sure your results include common words, letters or numbers that Google's search technology generally ignores, as in [+de knuth];
  • the "-" operator excludes all results that include this search term, as in [flowers -author:flowers];
  • phrase search only returns results that include this exact phrase, as in ["as you like it"];
  • the "OR" operator returns results that include either of your search terms, as in [stock call OR put];
  • the "intitle:" operator as in [intitle:mars] only returns results that include your search term in the document's title.

Help using Google Scholar Search

Law Reviews and Journals

American Bar Association

The ABA provides a search tool that allows users to search the full text of over 400 law review and legal journals.  Users can also choose to browse a a specific legal publication.

Missouri Law Review

Articles cover a variety of topics with a focus on Missouri law.  Articles for University of Missouri's Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tax Law Review and Journal of Dispute Resolution are also freely available online.

Law Review articles from many other law schools, including the Arkansas Law Review and the Illinois Law Review are also available online

American Journal on Criminal Law

 Recent issues are available on the journal's website and older issues are available on Heinonline

Social Science Research Network