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Free and Low Cost Legal Research: Fastcase - For Lawyers and Law Students

Fastcase, Casemaker, Pacer, Casenet, Free Internet Resources. Federal and Missouri materials.

What is in this database?

Fastcase offers access to federal and state:

  • statutes
  • regulations
  • constitutions
  • cases
  • court rules

This database is available for free to Missouri attorneys through their Missouri Bar Association membership and MU Law students with a password from the library. However, not included in this package are desk books and the newspaper archive .

Fastcase: Pros and Cons


    •  No true citator (necessary to confirm that your law is still good).



  • Free through Missouri Bar Membership and enrollment at MU Law.
  • Free printing/downloading (as opposed to West or Lexis).
  • Authority check (see below)
  • Also, Fastcase provides links from within the case to Keycite so the user can use it transactionally.  Cost varies by document.

Research Tools for Bar Members (by state)

Scope of Coverage in Fastcase

N­a­t­i­o­n­a­l­ ­C­a­s­e­ ­L­a­w 


U.S. Supreme Court 1754 - Current
All Federal Circuit Courts 1 F.2d - Current
Federal District Courts 1912 - Current
Federal Bankruptcy Courts 1979 - Current
Board of Immigration Appeals 1996 - Current
U.S. Court of Claims 1929 - 1971
U.S. Customs Court 1938 - 1980
Tax Court 1924 - Current
Special Court, Reg. Rail Reorg. Act 1974 - 2001
U.S. Court of Int'l Trade 1980 - 2001
Court of Customs & Patent Appeals 1929 - 1971
All 50 States 1950 (or older) - Current

Paid $ubscriptions: Missouri Deskbooks and Federal Court Filings


$795 one-time payment for annual subscription to all Missouri deskbooks - Complete access to all Missouri deskbooks for one year, for a one-time payment of $795.

$160 one-time payment for annual subscription to one deskbook - Complete access to a single deskbook or deskbooks for one year, for a one-time payment of $160 each.

$79 per month, 12 months: All Deskbooks - Annual subscription to all deskbooks paid monthly: Complete access to all Missouri deskbooks for one year, for 12 monthly payments of $79.

$16 per month, 12 months: Single Deskbook -Annual subscription to individual deskbooks paid monthly: Complete access to a single deskbook for one year, for 12 monthly payments of $16 per deskbook.

Federal Court Filings

$175 per year, special rate for Missouri Bar Association members - Annual subscription to federal and bankruptcy court filings.


Fastcase is beta testing Forecite, a search feature akin to Westlaw's ResultsPlus. 

After running a search, you'll see a message like this, with the option to view those results.

Forecite (beta): Fastcase has identified 3 additional decisions that may be relevant to your research topic, but do not contain one or more of your search terms.

Fastcase 2018 User Guide

Fastcase: What is Authority Check?

What is Authority Check?


Authority check searches for other cases that cite your case and displays the results as a list of hyperlinked case names. This is a great research tool for finding related precedents, or to help determine the continuing value of a case as a precedent. In addition, you can use Authority Check on the Results page to sort search results in order of authority – with the most often-cited cases at the top of the list. Note that authority check only lists citing precedents in the Fastcase database.