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Geography Resources: Books

the Library Catalog

MERLIN CATALOG is the MU's catalog of books, journals, dissertations, maps, etc.

Do a Keyword, Author or a Subject Search to search for information.

Keyword Search: Type keywords that describe your topic into the search box.
EXAMPLE: "rural poverty" and migration

Subject Search: Use the Subject Search to search for names, events, concepts, etc.
EXAMPLE: Geographic Information Systems

Google Books

Why use Google Books?

Google Books searches the full-text of books.  It is great for narrow topics because it lets you search within the text of books--you can see the table of contents, index or a portion of the contents of the book.  You can then locate the book in a nearby library.

Google Book Search

MOBIUS & Other Catalogs

Get Books from Other Libraries

Call Numbers

The call number ranges below are mostly on the 3rd Floor East of Ellis Library. Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) are on the 1st Floor.

G1-922 Geography (general)
G65-69   Geographers
G80-99   History of Geography
G100.5-108.5   Toponomy, including gazetteers
G140   Great cities of the world
G 141   Historical Geography
G154.9-550   Travel, discoveries, voyages, etc
G575-890   Arctic and Antarctic Regions
G905-910   Tropics
G912-922   Northern and Southern Hemispheres
G1000-3122 Atlases 
G1000-1000.5   Atlases of moon, planets, etc
G1001-1046   World and Earth Atlases
  Western Hemisphere
   Eastern Hemisphere
G3100-3102   Antarctica
G3180-9980 Maps
G3200-3202   World, Earth
G3210-3272   Hemispheres, Tropics, Polar regions, etc
G3300-5184   North America
G5200-5667   South America
G5670-8904    Eastern Hemisphere, Eurasia, Africa, etc.
G9095-9794   Oceans
G9900-9980   Unlocalized Maps