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October Instructor Forum

Active learning techniques for one-shots, flipped classroom, or multiple meeting classes.

Time Consuming Techniques

  • Jigsaw
    • video above shows how jigsaws works in a classroom
  • Half Jigsaw
    • This is jigsaw simplified a bit.  You break the groups out and have them become experts on a topic, but instead of you then breaking them out again and having individuals teach their fellows, you have the groups present the information to class as a whole.  This allows you to add information that they might have missed or correct any ideas that are wrong.
  • Gallery Walk
    • Depending on the gallery walk this could be quick and easy, but it could be more complicated. 
    • A more time consuming example comes from Facing History and Ourselves.  Here the teacher uses the stragegy "to have students share their work with peers, examine multiple historical documents, or respond to a collection of quotations."
    • Something a little quicker might be to give students a prompt and have them write or draw a picture based on the prompt, which creates the gallery.  Then students walk through giving feedback or rating what is posted in the gallery.  You might do this at the beginning of class to find out what you students want to learn about the library or research.