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October Instructor Forum

Active learning techniques for one-shots, flipped classroom, or multiple meeting classes.


  • Think - Pair - Share
  • One-Minute Paper
    • Prompt the students with a simple question. Example: What obstacles did you face the last time you wrote a paper?
  • Muddiest Point
    • Ask the students to answer in a sentence or what what areas are the least clear.  Best at the beginning or middle of a one-shot
  • One Sentence Summary
    • Have students summarize a Information Literacy concept in one sentence to see if they really understand it.
    • Could really do this for anything.
  • Application Cards
    • After learning a broad concept instructor passes out card that asks students to explain the concept in the context of a real-world situation
  • Defining Matrix
    • Great for comparing and contrasting databases or related concepts

Visual and hands on activities