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SW 2000 - Exploration in Social and Economic Justice

Using Unpublished Sources

Increasingly, the "footprints" or evidence that events/incidents and the structures that influence them is reproduced online, but a good deal of it is not online, or is not publicly available online, but can sometimes be found by way of a site visit to either a government office or a memory institution (archives, historical society, library, courthouse, city or county office). See categories at left for information on these memory institutions in Missouri, and what you are likely to find there.

When using such documents, you will usually need to document them in a different way than you may be used to from citing books, articles, or websites. You may need to note a box number for a document in a physical archive, a date of a meeting and website where the video record of that meeting is found, an item number of a piece of information from a database. Your goal should be making your sources easily findable by your readers wishing to learn more.

Some archival sources may even have usage restrictions; always ask the archivist about these.