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Voice In

Voice In: A project of the Digital Media and Innovation Lab

This podcast is about Mizzou students.  It is a showcase project* of the Digital Media and Innovation Lab in Ellis Library.  It was created to learn about students' lives and their relationship to libraries.  The hosts seek to understand where students come from, what motivates them, what brought them here to the university and, of course, their relationship with all things libraries.  In this podcast we’re interested in hearing students' stories, and their voices.

* Showcase projects: projects to explore and highlight how resources in the lab can be used.

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Episode 7- Study Abroad: Asturias and Lima

This is the first in the series of short interviews on Studying Abroad. In this episode, I talk to Andrew Whelihan about his study abroad experiences in Oviedo Spain, and preparations for an upcoming one in Lima, Peru over the summer of 2022. Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias region in northwest Spain. The interview was recorded in May, 2022.

Check out this article to see why you should visit Oveido! From cheese to world famous cider, this place belongs on your bucket list.

Episode 6- Denmark to Columbia

In this episode, we talk to Elisabeth Ivens about her experience as an exchange student at Mizzou.  Elisabeth is from Copenhagen, Denmark and an exchange student in the journalism program.  We discuss dorm life, food, and cultural differences in this fun conversation!

Blinds may just be more important in Europe than here in the US. Watch this video to find out more about this hot topic! Why can't Spain seem to get rid of their blinds?

Episode 5- Spring (Fashion) is in the Air

In this entertaining episode, Aidan Clark joins us a guest co-host.  We talk to Trentynne Davis about Spring Fashion and fashion trends in general and touch upon issues like sustainable and accessible design, among other interesting topics. Trentynne is a Textile & Apparel Management major at Mizzou and a senior.


Fast fashion is killing the planet. To read up on this important issue, click this link to the New York Times' "Responsible Fashion" archive and read about sustainability, accessibility, and more!

Episode 4- Podcast U

This episode is a podcast about podcasting. We talk about the basics of podcasting and our experience so far.  We cover some technologies that people can use and the processes of recording and editing the show, and some ideas beyond the basics.

This article is a really good resource for students looking to start their own podcasts! It gives you the run-down of how to get started, how to interview, and much more! If you're interested in starting up a career as a podcaster, look no further!

Episode 3- Music in the Booth

In this episode, we chat with, Lydia France, and we have Gabby Daugherty as an additional guest co-host.
Lydia describes herself as a model, a photographer, and a musician in her Instagram profile

In this episode, however, we invited Lydia to talk to us about her music. Particularly, Lydia has been working on a music project in the Sound Booth in the Digital Media and Innovation Lab in Ellis Library.  … And that’s how we got to know about her work.  We loved what we heard and wanted to lean more about her and her songs. We play samples of her songs during our conversation. I think you will like it too. You can listen to a sample of her music on her Instagram page and view her other projects there as well.

Our best to Lydia France!

Since this podcast's debut, Lydia has officially gone pro! Her music is now available on Spotify. She has 10 whole singles out and more to come! Go support this Mizzou student as she prepares to make it big!

Episode 2- Poets Galore

In this episode, we bring in student voices in a slightly different way.  We read short poems and Haikus students wrote as part of the library's Scavenger Hunt activity.  Taira Meadowcroft, Information Services Librarian at the Health Sciences Library, joins us to read and react to the poems. We also talk to Taira about her and the work of the Student Advisory Council for the University Libraries that she is the liaison to. And of course, we take turns pulling poems out of a hat.

Click here to learn a bit more about Ellis! We celebrated its 100th birthday in recent years. This historic building has so much to offer the students of Mizzou! 

Episode 1- Coffee Talks

In this episode, we talk to junior Brooklyn Behrands about her coffee account, favorite place in Ellis Library and her insight on the best coffee shops in Columbia, including our very own Bookmark Cafe!

Lakota Coffee, named after the Tenton Sioux, is a fantastic local spot that supports several local indigenous tribes and schools. They're dedicated to supporting their community as well as making great coffee. Check them out! 

Introduction to Season 1

This is a short introduction episode to Voice In. Voice In is a project of the Digital Media and Innovation Lab in Ellis Library at the University of Missouri. It was created to learn about students' lives and their relationship to libraries.