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Databases for finding articles

Discover@MU offers a very broad search covering physical and online materials owned by the University libraries and most of the online databases we subscribe to. Start with a broad search and use the drop-down menus and the limiters in the left side-bar to refine your results. You can limit to academic, peer-reviewed journals, or to magazines or newspapers, or to specific types of articles, such as reviews.

Online full text is provided in many cases. Where not available, links will guide you to print resources or to request that a pdf of the materials be sent to you. This is a free service and most requests can be filled within 48 hours.

Although Discover@MU includes most of our music databases, it is sometimes helpful to search the specific database. Searching a narrower group of journals provides more focus and specialized databases often have search mechanisms tailored to their specific subject.

The following are general databases, also included in Discover@MU.

Finding Journals

The journals we subscribe to are listed in Discover@MU, but are often most easily found by using the journal finder.

This allows you to search a journal title and find where it can be accessed online or in print. You can also browse by discipline or subject.

If you've found a citation and are trying to find the full text, this is also a good way to go: find the journal title and then narrow down by the year, volume, issue, to the table of contents.