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Workshops and Webinars

Co-curricular instruction on library resources and research practices for MU students, faculty, and staff.

Data Basics for Absolute Beginners

If you're ready to know more about using social and political data, public opinion polling data, and public datasets for quantitative research, this is the workshop for you! We’ll start from the beginning and no question will be too simple.

Digitization at the University Libraries

The Digital Services Department digitizes material from the Libraries’ collections with two major goals: 1) to support teaching and research at MU, and 2) to make our unique and rare materials available to users worldwide. In this session, the presenters will review the process for requesting that items be digitized and show completed projects available through the MU Digital Library. They also will review the digitization process and highlight the characteristics of a good digital image.

Finding Data for Research in the Social Sciences

In this workshop, we will review the two subscription-based data archives that are available to MU affiliates through the University Libraries: ICPSR and the Roper Center for Political and Social Research. We will also cover sources for additional, freely available data that can be downloaded from the internet.

Historic Government Publications on Textiles, Apparel, and Clothing Design and Manufacture

It is relatively easy to find books or articles on a subject, but there is much more to discover at the University Library. Scholars who want to take a deeper dive into library collections will find primary sources, technical reports, patent applications, drawings and a variety of other materials that came to us by way of the federal government. Attend this workshop to learn how to get off the beaten path in your research and study, and discover fascinating materials you never thought it would be possible to find.

Researching the History of Education with Primary Source Government Collections

Research the history of American education using the University Libraries' rich collection of government publications and the state documents available through our membership in the Center for Research Libraries.

Snapshot of America in [Decade / Time Period]

Many researchers need to put the topic of their study into historical context. This workshop will teach you how to find federal and state statistics as well as description and narrative discussion on any topic that fell under the purview of government agencies. Such topics include agriculture, business and commerce, labor and economics, child welfare and education, rural sociology, land management and environmental stewardship, transportation and infrastructure, technology and innovation, and more.

Tracing the History of Technology through U.S. Patents

The United States has a long history of innovation which can be tracked in the records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In this session, you will learn how to use the USPTO’s online research tools, and view history through the lens of technological innovation.

The University Libraries: Your Partners in Teaching and Research

Learn how the University of Missouri Libraries supports faculty, post-docs, and grad students in this start-of-semester introduction to our access, research, and instructional services. Whether you've just arrived at MU and have yet to explore our Libraries, or an experienced scholar who wants a refresher on our current services and resources, you're certain to learn something new that will help you with your teaching and research needs.

Have an Idea?

Would you like us to present a workshop or webinar on a topic not listed here? Fill out our Workshop / Webinar Request Form and let us know what you have in mind!