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Workshops and Webinars

Co-curricular instruction on library resources and research practices for MU students, faculty, and staff.

Choosing a Citation Manager: Mendeley, and Zotero

A citation manager helps organize PDFs and notes as well as format citations in thousands of styles. Unfortunately, there is no best citation manager. The two citation managers the library teaches Zbib and Zotero are reliable tools for in-text and bibliography citation formatting. Zotero also helps organize sources, PDF’s, and notes, and facilitates collaborative research. This class previews each citation manager and explains the differences between them.

Demystifying the Literature Review

Explore the world of literature reviews through this hands-on workshop highlighting different types of reviews, the process involved in creating each one, and an overview of best practices. Interactive searching and writing activities will give you the practical skills and resources needed to structure literature reviews for your discipline, while saving you time and effort.

Discovery and Access: Researching with the MU Libraries’ Collections

When engaging with a complex and multi-faceted collection materials, it's natural to have questions: How can I tell whether the University Libraries have access to a specific journal? Where can I obtain a copy of a book that our Libraries don't own? And why is that article that I could access yesterday no longer available? Learn more about the size, scope, and entryways into MU's collections in this webinar, designed especially for faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers.

Maximizing Your Research Identity and Impact

Learn how to effectively use researcher profiles and scholarly communications networks to develop and manage your online scholarly presence. Utilize ORCID, Google Scholar Profile, MOspace, h-index, impact factors and more to maximize your professional impact.

The University Libraries: Your Partners in Teaching and Research

Learn how the University of Missouri Libraries supports faculty, post-docs, and grad students in this start-of-semester introduction to our access, research, and instructional services. Whether you've just arrived at MU and have yet to explore our Libraries, or an experienced scholar who wants a refresher on our current services and resources, you're certain to learn something new that will help you with your teaching and research needs.

Welcome to the University Libraries: An Introduction for Savvy Student Scholars

Hey, undergraduates and grad students: set yourself up for success with this introduction to the University of Missouri Libraries! Get the basics on our locations, services, and collections, and learn some handy tips, tricks, and tools for getting started with college-level research. Ask questions, get answers!

Have an Idea?

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