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Journalism 2200 - Audiences and Persuasion: Databases

Strategic Communication Databases

The University of Missouri Libraries licenses access to several databases that will allow you to research the science of the COVID-19 vaccine as well as understand the psychology of those hesitant or anxious to take it.  There are databases to assist you in identifying and understanding audiences, communication strategies and methods of persuasion. 

Each database has its own controlled vocabulary.  So, utilize the thesaurus or index to find the best search terms when searching each database separately.  This is especially important when searching medical and psychology databases. Discover@MU searches them all at once, but does not use controlled vocabulary.

Medical Databases

Use these databases to find evidence-based medical literature.  Use the thesaurus or index to find search terms that use their controlled vocabulary, for optimal results.

Communication, Advertising, Marketing, Psychology Databases

News Databases

Find news about the COVID-19 vaccine.