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Black History and Culture Trivia Night

Our Trivia Questions


Trivia Team

Our trivia questions are created by our MU Libraries Trivia Team, Paula Roper (Black Studies librarian), and Rachel Brekhus (History librarian), with input from our emcee, Cyndi Frisby (retired from MU School of Journalism). We do not use pre-made trivia questions.


Question Types and Formats

Every single question has something to do with Black History or Black Culture. Question types include:

  • Name that Tune (audio/video clues)
  • Who said/did....?
  • Where did an event happen?
  • Name the company or organization that...
  • Name the thing or idea...
  • How many/What percent of...
  • When did this event happen?
  • Fill in the missing words from a quote
  • Some questions are multiple choice


Question Categories (one category per round)

  • There is always a question category for the National Black History Month Theme. For 2021, the theme is The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity.
  • There is always a question category dedicated to Music in one way or another. This year, it will be focused on Dance.
  • Other themes are decided by the Trivia Team. At this time (December 2020) we know there will be a Health and Medicine category.