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Black History and Culture Trivia Night

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Online?

As we are planning Trivia Night in November-December 2020, it seems clear that while a vaccine is coming, it's unlikely to be available to everyone by late February 2021. So, out of respect for our elders, our front-line health care workers, and all our players, we've decided to host Trivia Night as a live online event.

What WON'T Change?

  • The beautiful, charming and multi-talented Cyndi Frisby will emcee the live event.
  • You'll learn something you didn't know before about Black history and culture.
  • You'll be able to hang out and socialize with your teammates and trash-talk your opponents (in chat).

How Will This Work Online?

  • During question-reading, the emcee and all the competitors will be in a single Zoom. The tech team will run the question slideshow.
  • When it's time for teams to discuss their answers, teams will be sent to Breakout Rooms for a few minutes. Team Captains will submit the answers for their teams to an online form.
  • Judges will score the answer sheets, while the emcee shares the answers from the previous round, and reads the questions for the next round.
  • While the judges prepare the final scores, corporate sponsors and participating Black-Owned Businesses will be invited to share 2-minute introductions or prerecorded videos.
  • In order to reduce "screen fatigue," we'll incorporate a "dance move break" between Rounds 2 and 3.

What About the Supper and Prizes?

  • If we have enough corporate sponsorship, we'll be able to provide GrubHub gift certificates for participants, instead of the usual in-person catered sandwich buffet.
  • Prizes will be purchased from local and/or national Black-owned businesses.

What Businesses are You Buying the Prizes From?

  • You tell us!  If you are a Black Business Owner, or want to suggest a local or national Black-Owned Business, please contact Paula Roper, Prizes can be gift certificates for local restaurants or stores, or tangible merchandise.
  • One business we're looking at is Diop. We may also give Etsy gift certificates as prizes, and encourage winners to spend them at Black-Owned Etsy stores.