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How to Find Articles


Use the Discover@MU search engine located below and on the libraries' homepage to search for articles on a topic and known articles..

Search for articles, books, & more!
Limit Your Results

Search for a known article

  • Use Journal Article Finder

    • On the library home page click on the link LOOKING FOR?  a specific article to access the journal article finder.  Fill out the form and search for the article.

  • Search the article title in Discover@MU.  (Tip: Put quotation marks around the article title so that it is searched as a phrase)

Search tips for finding articles on a topic

  • Use Keywords: select terms that describe your topic. You may want to include synonyms for the terms you select. 

  • Use Boolean operators (AND OR) to either narrow or expand your focus: 

    • AND narrows your search by limiting search results to those that include all terms entered.

    • OR expands your search by including results for all terms entered along with results for individual terms. To find out more about how Boolean operators work, watch this video

  • Use Search Strategy Builder to create a search strategy for your topic.

  • Use quotation marks to ensure that terms appear together in search results. For example, searching for "voodoo economics" will bring back results containing this phrase as a whole and not results containing only "voodoo" or "economics."  

  • Use parentheses to create sets of search terms. Putting terms into parentheses indicates you want those terms to be searched first. For example, in a search for government AND (economics OR finance), the terms in parentheses (economics OR finance) are processed first. 

  • Compose a specific research question to determine your strategy moving forward. An example of a research question is: "What is the effect of voodoo economics on poverty rates?".  For this question, you might try the following search: ("voodoo economics" OR "trickle-down economics") AND poverty. 

  • Check the Research by Subject guides for  recommended databases to use for your topic.