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Android Apps for Study and Research: Reference

Staying Productive on the Go

Most of the apps on this guide are free, although many offer a 'pro version' for a few dollars. 

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Guide Creator

Matthew Sigmon​

Graduate Reference Assistant, Ellis Library

Spring 2016

Reference Apps

Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Free and 2.99) 

Includes definitions from the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and the ability to search by voice.

Oxford Dictionary of English (Free and Premium) 

Anthropomotron (Free)

A unique reference app for anthropologists which allows a researcher to estimate height and body mass from key skeletal measurements.

Google (Free)

This app might be of use if you have an older device since most newer phones come with a Google search feature.

Google Translate (Free)

This app supports translation via your phone's camera and more...

Google Earth (Free)

Includes 3D fly-throughs of cities, street level view, and more (also available on desktop)!

WolframAlpha (2.99)

This app is a convenient way to access the WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine on a handheld device. You can access WolframAlpha for free on a web browser.

World Factbook (Free or $.99) 

Includes information on over 250 countries. There is also a pro version that costs $ .99 and includes a reference map for each country.

Wikipedia (Free)

This is the official Wikipedia app for Android. 

Advanced English and Thesaurus (Free)

Includes information on synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, and similar words. An ad-free paid version is also available.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

A High-rated scientific calculator app for your Android device.

EasyBib Citation Generator

Generate citations by scanning book barcodes. Supports over 7,000 citations styles. Remember, generated citations should always be double-checked for accuracy.

MedScape (Free)

To access all features of this app, only a login is required.