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Student Advocacy Groups: ULSAC and Library Ambassadors: Library Ambassadors

Your Libraries,Your Voices: Play a role in shaping the future of the University of Missouri Libraries

What are Library Ambassadors?

University of Missouri Library Ambassadors are undergraduate and graduate students who help connect students to MU Libraries, whether one of the specialized libraries within an academic department such as the Engineering Library or the main library on the MU Campus, the Ellis Library. We advocate for both students and libraries, promote library resources, and provide services to students and librarians for a better campus community. 

  • Library Ambassadors work to improve the experiences of fellow students within the libraries by attending meetings and events.
  • Ambassadors promote and publicize library events and happenings to students and other campus personnel. 
  • The Ambassador program promotes and represents the libraries in classrooms, residence halls, and campus events. 

This is a low-key and fun way to support the greatest institution on campus. You'll have helped the libraries, you'll have added something else to your increasingly-impressive resume: it's a win-win. Are you in? Sign up here!

Library Ambassadors in ULSAC

Library Ambassadors act as a semi-autonomous student group closely affiliated with ULSAC. Library Ambassadors are agents of change, promoting the mission and vision of ULSAC. They are the primary link between the MU Libraries and the most frequent library users.  All Library Ambassadors not appointed as representatives of the group shall be considered nonvoting members of the Council.