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Natural Resources 1070: Ecology and Renewable Resource Management: Finding

Find journals by subject area

Journal Citation Reports is a database that, among other features,  will provide you with a list of top journals in your chosen subject area...atmospheric science, ecology, environmental science, fisheries, forestry, soil science, wildlife. (For some areas, you will have to compile two or more subject  lists.) 

More information on Journal rankings.

Step by step instuctions.

Find Full Text

After you've searched for your topic in a database and found citations to articles, while still in the database, you'll usually see this button,  near the citation. 

Just click on  and often you'll be taken directly to the full text (usually a PDF) of the article.

Article Databases

Below is a list of databases or electronic indexes that  will allow you to search by topic keyword, author, etc. to find  citations, abstracts, and full-articles from  thousands of journals, magazines, and other sources.

Search over 40 databases

Print Journals


Ellis Library also has a collection of recently published print journals. The newest print journals are arranged in alphabetical order on the shelves in the Reference stacks in Information Commons 2 (IC2), just north of the DVDs and East of the Government Documents. Older volumes/years are stored in the regular shelves of Ellis Library. To find older journals, you can look up the journal by name in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG to get its call number. 

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