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HIST 4971W - History Capstone: Modern French History

Postcard image of 2 Paris cabarets of the 1920's

Finding Books

Concentric circles showing MU, All MERLIN, MOBIUS

  • Books & Media tab and Classic Catalog link both search the MERLIN catalog.
  • We will fetch your books, but if you find books yourself, you may find more books.
  • Expand book search to MOBIUS for more books that can be sent to you at MU.
  • You can only use ebooks if they have an MU online access link.
  • Always check the book's location, note its call number, and check that it is not checked out.

Advanced Keyword Search Strategies

When searching Discover@MU (main search on the library homepage) for books, it is best to do an initial search, and then, if you wish, limit your results to books, and/or add a search line that specifies SUBJECT.

Line 1: France OR Paris* OR French
Line 2: _____________________   [word or phrase indicating a person, event, or time period]
Line 3: ______________________ [word or phrase indicating an aspect - optional]


Examples of strings for Line 3:

  • film* OR cinema*
  • journalis* OR news*
  • entertain* OR theat*
  • modern* OR anti-modern*
  • sources OR correspondence - change dropdown to the left of the box to SUBJECT

If you click on a book's title, you will usually see the book's table of contents.