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Communication 1200 Public Speaking: Getting Started


Communication 1200 course focuses primarily on public speaking as well as small group communication.  This course is designed to offer students an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills both as a producers and consumers of public speaking. Students are required to give a number of speeches in this course:  Informative Speech, Persuasive Speech, and a Group Speech.

What type of information are you looking for?

BEAM method of research

  • Background: using a source to provide general information to explain the topic.
  • Exhibit: using a source as evidence or examples to analyze.
  • Argument: using a source to engage its argument.
  • Method: using a source’s way of analyzing an issue to apply to your own issue.

Citation: Bizup, J. (2008). BEAM: A Rhetorical Vocabulary for Teaching Research-Based Writing. Rhetoric Review, 27(1),72-86.

For more information about how to use BEAM, check out HCL's resource.

Topic & Background Sources