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Library Resources for Special Education Students

Self Pre-test: Using the Library: (10 questions)


1.    Search the Merlin Catalog for the call number: HV1624.S84 W34 2012. (

2.    Hint: Look at the "Locations" tab in your search result on the Merlin Catalog.

3.    Hint: Consider who the author is, and how the work is currently used.

4.    You are on your own on this one. Try searching the web...?

5.    Hint: Consider who is most likely to use the journal and for what purpose.

6.    Hint: How do you log-on to most campus resources?

7.    Hint: Try to figure out what the database names stand for and how it might reveal its affiliation to a particular subject area. (See

8.    You are on your own on this one.

9.    See the "Request Books & Articles"  tab on this linked pages

10.  See the "Workshop Recordings" tab on the Recordings and Tutorials page (