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MU Libraries REAL Zotero FAQ

Only questions that truly are "frequently asked" are answered here.

Question: When I add a citation in APA 6th format, Zotero is adding authors' first initials, and sometimes even first names.  APA does not want this - how do I stop Zotero from doing it?

Sample In-Text Citation: (M.F. Costabile, T. Rosselli, R. Lanzlotti, C. Ardito & V. Rossano, 2007)

Answer: This happens when you have many items with the same author in your database, but the author's name appears in many different forms, e.g., Victor Rossano in one article, V. Rossano in another.  Zotero does not "know" whether those two authors are the same person or not, so it treats the two forms of the name are different people, and folows the APA protocol for disambiguation of author names - adding the initial (full name may appear if there are more than two variant spellings). 

To fix this, do a search of your Zotero database by the author's last name, find the spelling you want to use for all items by that author, and replace all the other variants with the one you want.Then, in your document, hit the the Zotero Refresh button picture of Zotero Refresh button to make the changes take effect in Word.

See for more information.

Question: My Zotero disappeared!  Where'd it go?

Several MU users have been reporting "My Zotero has suddenly disappeared!  I mean, it's still in there, and it still produces icons in the URL bar, but I don't see the Zotero button at the bottom of my browser."

Here's how to fix the problem:

Click the mouse anywhere in your Firefox window, then hold down the Ctrl key and press the /  (forward slash) key, the one on the same key as the question mark on your keyboard.

This should bring Zotero back.

Why this works is related to why the Zotero button disappears in the first place.  When you are in Firefox and you accidentally hit that Ctrl-/ keystroke combination - it's all too easy to do if you hit Ctrl instead of Shift when you're trying to type a question mark - that triggers the shortcut to "hide my add-ins" if they are showing and "show my add-ins," if they are hidden. 

I suspect that previous versions of Firefox did not use this keystroke combination in this way - hence the recent (Februrary 2014) vintage of this problem.

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