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Selectors E-Resources: Usage Review

Resources selectors can consult to assist in review of online subscriptions


For any questions or to request data not available from the links below, contact Rhonda.

Consult the quick guide for more details about the COUNTER reports and how to read them.

Complete usage reports for fiscal years are available on SharePoint:

Journal Usage Data

COUNTER JR5 Reports - Total number of full-text views by year of publication

COUNTER JR1 Reports Calendar Year- Total number of full-text views by month and journal title (January-December)

  • 2014-2015 JR1 Reports - Note that although 2016 data is in this file, they are only for partial year because it was pulled for FY17 cancellation project (prior to the end of 2016)
  • 2016-2017 JR1 Reports - Note that 2017 will be for partial year, since the year is not over
  • 2017-2018 JR1 Reports - Note that 2018 will be for partial year

COUNTER JR1 Reports Fiscal Year - Total number of full-text view by month and journal title (July-June)

Journal and Database Review Info

Overlap Analysis - Reports comparing full-text titles/holdings info available from MU resources (including print, microform and electronic formats)

Ebook Usage

  • BR1 = Book Report 1 - Number of successful title requests by month & title
  • BR2 = Book Report 2 - Number of successful section requests (e.g., chapters) by month & title

NOTE:  COUNTER Reports do not include titles with zero usage.  Only titles with usage are provided.

FY16 COUNTER reports

COUNTER Reports pulled for FY17 review process

  • Various reports pulled for 2014-2016 usage (incomplete for 2016 as year was not over)

FY17 COUNTER BR2 reports

FY18 COUNTER BR2 reports

Database Usage

  • DB1 = Database 1 Report - Total number of searches, results clicks and record views by month & database
  • PR1 = Platform 1 Report - Total number of searches, results clicks and record views by month & platform
  • MR1 = Multimedia Report of unit requests by month & collection

​FY16 COUNTER reports - varies by provider

Various database reports for FY17 review process

FY17 PR1 Reports

FY17 MR1 Reports

FY18 PR1 Reports

FY18 MR1 Reports