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Request Books from MOBIUS Libraries: Video Tutorial

This video shows you how to request a book from a library in Missouri by using MOBIUS, which links directly from the Libraries Catalog.

August 2022

Request Books from MOBIUS Libraries: Written Tutorial

1. From the Library Homepage, type in the title of the book you are looking for and click search. 


2. If the book you are looking for is already checked out or not available through the library, you can use MOBIUS libraries to make a request. Click the MOBIUS button to the right of the screen. 


3. You will be redirected to a MOBIUS search page that shows you a list of items fitting your record's description and its availability at various libraries. You can see what libraries in MOBIUS currently have the title by clicking on the link below the format type.
On the menu to the left of the results, you can refine the search based on how the search found the records, the format, and subject.


4. If the item is available, you can request it from either the search results page or the item's page by clicking on the item's title. You can use the "click to access" link of the item (if it is online) or by clicking "Request" to the right of the item's title.


5. After requesting access to the item, Upon requesting the book, you will be directed to select your university. 


6. You will be directed to log in with your name and your ID, which is your 8-digit student ID number. You will then choose the library where you want to pick up the book, and then choose the specific pickup location.


If you have any questions about how to search for books at UM Libraries, please contact the librarians or visit the Reference Desk at Ellis Library.