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Recordings and Tutorials

Watch uploaded Fridays @ the Library Workshops on the MU Libraries Workshops Playlist.
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Library Workshops Fall 2021

Library Workshops Spring 2021

Library Workshops 2020

Library Workshops Fall 2019

Oct 3: How to Publish Your Research: A Panel Discussion

Are you new to publishing your work? Do you have questions you need answered about the publishing process? This series provides University of Missouri authors with opportunities to hear from major academic publishers about their processes as well as learn from librarians and campus colleagues about important trends and issues related to academic publishing.

Sept 24: Publishing an Academic Book- What Authors Need to Know

Do you plan to publish a book some day? Do you have questions about the book publishing process? David Rosenbaum, Director of the University of Missouri Press, Andrew Davidson, Editor in Chief, and Carli Conklin, Associate Professor and author of Pursuit of Happiness in the Founding Era: An Intellectual History (2019), will share information and advice on the book publishing process with new and aspiring authors. Attendees will learn about how book publishers work with authors from first contact to putting a newly published work out into the world.

Sponsored by University of Missouri Libraries.

Sept 10: Choosing a Citation Manager

A citation manager helps organize PDFs and notes as well as format citations in thousands of styles. Unfortunately, there is no best citation manager. The three citation managers the library teaches--Zotero, EndNote, and Mendeley--all have different strengths and weaknesses. This class previews each citation manager and explains the differences between them.

Developed in coordination with the MU Graduate School and the MU Office of Undergraduate Research.

Sept 5: Demystifying the Literature Review

Explore the world of literature reviews through this hands-on workshop highlighting different types of reviews, the process involved in creating each one, and an overview of best practices. Interactive searching and writing activities will give you the practical skills and resources needed to structure literature reviews for your discipline, while saving you time and effort.

Developed in coordination with the MU Graduate School, the MU Office of Undergraduate Research, and the MU Campus Writing Program.

Sept 4: Services and Resources for Savvy Researchers

Whether you're new to MU or just in need of a refresher, this presentation will introduce you to the library services and resources you need to succeed as a student and researcher. Learn how to locate books and articles from in our local collection; utilize MERLIN, MOBIUS, Prospector, and interlibrary loan to obtain materials from other colleges and universities; receive research and instructional support from subject librarians; preserve and access your data, articles, theses, and dissertations through our online repository; and more. 

Developed in coordination with the MU Graduate School, the MU Office of Undergraduate Research, and the MU Honors College.

Aug 30: Maximizing Your Research Identity and Impact

Learn how to effectively use researcher profiles and scholarly communications networks to develop and manage your online scholarly presence. Utilize ORCID, Google Scholar Profile, MOspace, h-index, impact factors and more to maximize your professional impact.

Developed in coordination with the MU Graduate School and the MU Office of Undergraduate Research.


Special and Digital Collections

Data and Statistics

Resources and Research at the Library

Public Access Policies Workshop

Public Access Policies (or...Zen and the Art of Compliance)
Presented by Kate Anderson, Head of Zalk Veterinary Medical Library

Need to make your research publicly available? This session will provide an overview on complying with Public Access Policies from funding agencies such as NIH and NSF. Topics also include a brief overview of Open Access journals and how they relate to agency policies.

Fridays @ the Library- Fall 2018

Fridays @ the Library - Spring 2018

Do This, Not That!

Do This, Not That! Stories of Poorly Managed Data
Presented by Christopher Eaker, Assistant Professor and Digital Librarian, University of Tennessee Libraries

This presentation will expose problems a researcher may encounter when research data is poorly managed, including examples of actual situations when poor data management led to serious problems with data loss, research integrity, and worse.

Web of Science Sessions

Core Collection Training
Duration: 1h 1m

An introduction to the Web of Science Core Collection and how to search it.
Web of Science: Core Collection Site

Advanced Training
1h 7m

This session focuses on cited reference searching, Journal Citation Reports (impact factors and journal rankings) and Essential Science Indicators (the most influential individuals, institutions, papers and publications). 
Web of Science: All Databases

Tool and App Training

Mendeley and Scopus Training

Mendeley Training for Institutional Edition at MU (Fall 2015)
Duration: 1h 10m

Learn about the institutional edition of Mendeley available for MU faculty and students.

Scopus Training for MU (Fall 2015)
Duration: 57m

Learn about the institutional edition of Scopus for MU faculty and students.