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Race and University Life: Readings for MU Faculty and Staff

At this time, most of the readings relate to racism against African-Americans, when they deal with only one race, because this is the largest racial minority at MU, and because there are some experiences of racism connected with the history of slavery in

Histories and Archives

Online articles and talks

Books (some online, some print only)


Archives (MU and State Historical Society)

Digitized Archival Records

Guides to Non-Digitized Files and Objects

Guide: Student Unrest and Related Topics (Free Speech Activism, Vietnam War Protest, Desegregation, Equal Rights, Affirmative Action, Coed Visitation, Gay Rights, Divestiture)

C:11/6/6, Box 1 - 065264
Video tape (3/4" u-matic) - "Racism at UMC" - with Ben Johnson, 05/03/1987. 

C:1/34/11 (A13-92)
This Series contains administrative and other records created and received by the Office of the Vice Provost for Minority Affairs, International Programs and Faculty Development, (1991-2004). The records consist of the following types and topics: correspondence, memoranda, retreats, reports, training, MU to the Future, Disability Services, workshops, and Affirmative Action.

This Record Sub-Group contains records created by the Office of Student Life's Division of Multicultural Affairs. Records include budgets, financial requests, program documents, correspondence, articles from professional journals and newspapers, brochures, reports, newsletters, etc., related to the following: Black Culture Center (BCC), Legion of Black Collegians (LBC), Affirmative Action, multiculturalism, Minority and Special Student Programs (MSSP), recruitment, Big Eight Conference, workshops, program speakers, Shantytown, Black History Month, women, mentoring, minority retention, Job Fair, protests, racism, and various African American issues especially related to the University of Missouri-Columbia (UMC) and higher education in general.

C:1/25/1 (A83-86; A84-2; A85-82; A95-106)
This Series contains administrative records of the UMC Office of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (1916-1978). Included in this Series are correspondence, student conduct records, residence appeals, Missouri Student Association records, administrative reports, budgetary records, copies of Board of Curators papers, tuition appeals, enrollment data, and meeting minutes. Topics in this Series include student organizations, financial aid, need for a resident gynecologist (from the Association of Women Students), the Advocacy Program, admission requirements, organizational budgets, tuition and fee structure, civil rights compliance, the Housing Office, Open House, intervisitation (coed), surveys and questionnaires, drug usage, the Women's Center, materials relating to a contemporary "scandal at Read Hall," student conduct codes, racism in the Greek system, Affirmative Action, the Center for Student Life, confidentiality of student records, Counseling Services, programs for the "handicapped," and student unrest.