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Plant Identification and Foraging

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Below you will find universal plant identification keys as well as general plant identification resources. If you know the type of plant you are attempting to identify, find the category (Trees and Shrubs, Flowering and Nonwoody, or Aquatic) in the tabs below Plant Identification. The Plant Identification box below lists online databases about identification and are a quick way to find a specific species. Print books and eBooks are helpful when trying to identify many species or when attempting to learn more about plant identification. eBooks with the MU icon can be accessed by University of Missouri students and print books can be checked out from Ellis Library or sent to another institution in Missouri through MOBIUS

Universal Plant Identification Databases


Print Books

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

Beyond the fog is a beautiful landscape

Anaphalis margaritacea

Aquilegia formosa

Bald Cypress scenics in spring fed lake



Blowout penstemon

Conboy Lake Aspen Grove

These photos are sourced from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's National Digital Library and are public domain.