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Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

MU Libraries strives to be as accessible as possible. This webpage will help explain the services the MU Libraries offer and the potential accessibilities you might encounter and how to surpass them.

Accessibility Issues

While most of Ellis Library is accessible, there are a few areas within the library that have hard to find access points. A few locations with accessibility issues in Ellis library are described on this page, accompanied by directions on how to find a route to the location you are interested in. 

As much as possible, the directions will assume you are traveling from the West Entrance at Ground Level (the accessible entrance) to the location on the tab. 

Please reach out to a member of our staff if you have trouble accessing or locating a specific location or resource.

Accessibility Issues in Ellis

Accessible Entrance to Ellis Library

The only accessible entrance to Ellis Library is listed as the West Entrance at Ground Level on most maps/floorplans. It can be found on the West side of Ellis Library by Speaker Circle. 

The accessible entrance to Ellis can be found to the right of the Teaching for Learning Center. The building is East of Speaker Circle.

South Elevator

This elevator is located on the South side of the library and only goes to the ground level and the first floor.

In order to travel to other floors of the library from the ground floor, patrons may want to use the North Elevator. 

Ground Floor:  First Floor entrance to the South Elevators.

After entering the building, go past the atrium stairs and Bookmark Cafe. The elevator is across from the men's restroom. 






First Floor entrance to the South Elevators, located in Information Commons 1.First Floor:

The elevator is located between the two Information Commons across the Colonnade from the atrium stairs. 







North Elevators

The North elevators are a set of two elevators located towards the North East side of Ellis Library. These elevators travel from the ground floor to the third floor of Ellis library.

Both elevators will open both to the North and to the South.

  • Floors labeled G, 1, 2, and 3 will open to the North
  • Floors labeled with an "R" will open to the South 

For information regarding the buttons in these elevators visit this article: Peer Navigator Corner: Understanding Library Layout.

Ground floor entrance to the North Elevators.

Ground Floor:

After entering the building from the accessible entrance, patrons should go past bookmark cafe, the south elevators, and the restrooms. When you get to the end of the hall, turn left (or North) and follow the hallway (which will turn West and then North) until you reach the North Elevators to the North and East of the hallway.

FFirst Floor front entrance to the North Elevators, located just across the hall from the circulation desk.irst Floor: 

The North Elevators can be accessed across from the Checkout and Information Desk to the East of the stairwell. 

First Floor Rear entrance to the North Elevators, accessed in Information Commons 2.First Floor Rear: 

The North Elevators can be found from Information Commons 2 along the North Wall next to the charging stations. 

Additional Levels:

Please note that the elevator will open both North and South, but there are stairs that can prevent accessibility. Please use the Maps and Floorplans page to determine whether you need to use the North or South entrance.

Special Collections and Archives

The directions below assume you are traveling from the West Entrance at Ground Level (the accessible entrance) to the location on the tab above. 

  1. Lift up to Special Collections and Archives (4th West).Enter Ellis Library from the West Entrance at Ground Level.
  2. Go past the atrium staircase and the coffee shop until you get to the end of the hall where it comes to a "T".
  3. Turn left (or North) and follow the hallway until you arrive at the North Elevators.
  4. Take the elevator to the third floor (press button 3, not 3R).
  5. Exit the elevator (the North door should open), and take a left.
  6. Walk past the East Staircase, the Balcony View to Room 201, and the West Staircase to get to a separate staircase that takes you up to 4th West.
  7. Use the wheelchair lift to get to 4th West. The Special Collections and Archives Reading Room is on the right (to the North). [Pictured to the right]
  8. To find the Special Collections Classroom, take a left at the top of the stairs and it will be at the end of the hall.

Please Note:

  1. Special Collections and Archives are available only by appointment. If you do not have a scheduled class or have not made an appointment, you can make an appointment here: Reading Room Appointment.
  2. If the current accommodations do not make the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room or Special Collections Classroom accessible to you, please contact Cindy Cotner at