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Linking to Book Chapters or Pages in Ebrary

There are three ways to create a link to Ebook Central books, chapters and pages:

1.    Copy and paste text from the book (either the title of the chapter or the first sentence) into a word document.  The correct URL will display in the citation following the text.  [On a MAC, you will need to control and click to right click.]

Augmented reality displays are image-forming systems that use a set of optical, electronic, and mechanical components to generate images somewhere on the optical path in between the observer's eyes and the physical

Bimber, Oliver. Spatial Augmented Reality : Merging Real & Virtual Worlds.
Natick, MA, USA: A K Peters, Limited, 2005. p 71.
Copyright © 2005. A K Peters, Limited. All rights reserved.

This link does not include the proxy server prefix.  You will need to add it before posting in Canvas, ERes or on your course web page:


2.     Look at the pagination for your document.  The trick is using the page number within in the parentheses, not the page number in the box:

Cut and paste the URL from the address box:

Remove any text after the "&" and add page=XX (substitute the page number found in the brackets)

Add the proxy server prefix for off-campus access

The above link includes the proxy server prefix.


3.  Launch the Unity Ebook Central reader by clicking on the Ebook Central Reader button. 

Highlight the title or some text in the document.

Use the InfoTools drop down menu in the ebrary reader to Copy Bookmark.  (This menu is not the same one displayed in the web interface.)

Paste into a Word document to retrieve the URL.  Add the proxy server prefix for off-campus access.

NOTE: The created link is for the web version as it is not possible to link to the Ebook Central reader.

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