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Nutrition & Exercise Physiology 4950

PubMed Tutorial

PubMed guides

How to use Google Scholar to find cited by articles

Pubmed provides a limited amounted of "cited by" information.  Search by article title in Google Scholar to find more articles that are citing this research.

How to narrow your search for fewer results

To limit the number of search results:

  • Replace general search terms with more specific ones (e.g., search for low back pain instead of back pain).
  • Add additional terms to your search.
  • Use the sidebar filters to restrict your results by publication dates, ages, sex, article types, etc.

How to broaden your search to increase results

  • Click the Similar Articles See all link for a relevant citation to display a list of PubMed citations closely related to the article.
  • Remove extraneous or specific terms from the search box.
  • Try using alternative terms to describe your topic.