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Library Undergraduate Internships

This guide provides a list of internship opportunities at MU Libraries. Students should coordinate with their departments to determine what kinds of projects work best for them and how many hours their departments expect.

Internships at MU Libraries

The Libraries offer internships for credit in coordination with departments on campus. Each department has different expectations in terms of what an internship should entail. Students should contact their department's Director of Undergraduate Studies to find out how internships are handled within their department.

Once students have a sense of what they will need for their internship, students should contact the librarian they are interested in working with to discuss a possible internship. Students should contact librarians at least one semester in advance.

Just as different faculty teach courses on different topics, each librarian offers different internship opportunities based on their current projects. Librarians' capacity to take on interns will change from semester to semester.

The Libraries cannot accept interns who are not working for course credit.


To support internships for different credit values, the Libraries offer internships at 30, 60, 90, 120, or 150 hours. An intern may choose to spend their entire internship within a single department or they may choose to combine several departments' offerings into a single internship.

For internships spread across multiple departments, each component part should be at least 30 hours long and the student should choose one librarian as their primary supervisor and spend at least 60 of their hours with that librarian.