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Findit@MU: Video Tutorial

Created by Ronnie Bradley

Published on October 6, 2020

Findit@MU: Written Tutorial

1. When searching in an MU Libraries database or searching a database with MU Libraries access, you might notice the "FindIt@MU" icon below or next to the record of an article. This means the full text of the article is not available in the current database you are in. The full text may be located elsewhere, or you may be able to request a copy. To see if it is available in another database, just click "FindIt@MU."


2. From here, you will be redirected to one of these two pages, depending on whether the article is available in full text through the University of Missouri or not. If the article is available in full text online, you will be automatically redirected to the article. Once you are in the database or on the site, look for the PDF or HTML icon to view or download the full text of the article.

Full Text

3. If the article is not available through the MU Libraries, you will be redirected to a page that says "Article not online? Request a copy." You can still request a copy from another library by clicking "Request a copy."


4. You will be redirected to the ILL logon page. Enter your university username and password.

ILL Logon


6. You will now see a pre-filled form that includes the information of the article you are requesting. Click "Submit Request" and when the article is ready, you will receive an email at your university email account with the PDF of the article attached.

Submit Request


For more information about ILL, check out the “ILL@MU Tutorial". For further help with FindIt@MU or with your research, contact a librarian at Ellis Library.